Carrum Downs job growth hits boundaries

Carrum Downs and Somerville industrial estates are success stories for our region. In the case of Carrum Downs, jobs have increased over 30 per cent in the five years from 2011 to 2016. Job growth in Carrum Downs is 6.5 per cent per annum — thirteen times greater the south eastern regions job growth of half a per cent. Frankston has a comparatively higher unemployment rate and lower income than the average across Melbourne. To maximise employment in the Greater Frankston region, we need to keep these estates strong. However Carrum Downs is about to run out of land for industrial and commercial development, which will significantly hamper its capacity to grow in the future. Policy change are urgently needed to reverse the situation.  
Frankston City Council is reviewing its green wedge policy. Green wedge land is vital for the region. However there needs to be a rethink about where green wedge land is zoned and how it is managed for the most benefit of the community. Click here to find the Committee for Greater Frankston’s first submission to Frankston City Council.