Carrum Downs- Land for livelihoods

“Not all industrial precincts are created equal. Carrum Downs has become an irreplaceable enclave of innovative, job-dense, high-tech manufacturing.”
  Fred Harrison, chairman, Committee for Greater Frankston

The Carrum Downs Industrial Estate is south-east Melbourne’s fastest-growing, most productive employment hub.
Job growth is over 13 times higher than the southern region average.

For almost two decades, Carrum Downs has been growing jobs 13 times faster that the SE regional average.

Innovative, job-dense, high-tech industrial design and engineering firms are attracted to Carrum Downs because of its excellent transport corridors, unique location and proximity to Dandenong’s industrial precinct, and affordable, modern industrial layout

Successful businesses in Carrum Downs have radically improved Frankston’s employment trends. Working age residents are now more likely to work and almost 20% more locals now have a job.

Excellent transport corridors and proximity to Dandenong’s industrial precinct attracts innovative, job-dense, high-tech industrial design and engineering firms to Carrum Downs.

Almost half of these businesses are looking to expand, we need options to support them or they will leave and these jobs will go.

However, the available supply of land in the Carrum Downs precinct has been exhausted and is also scarce in neighbouring Dandenong South.

Prima facie, expanding Carrum Downs Industrial Estate northward has the highest potential for economic return and job growth, with the least social and environmental impact.

This dossier of interviews aims to share Carrum Downs Industrial Estate success stories.
Many businesses have invested in leading technology and on-demand manufacturing plants; they own their own intellectual property and they are exporting it to the world…

Please take the time to read about these businesses and how we can help keep them here.

Media Coverage

Boom time for industry
City’s economic engine room fast reaching capacity
Christian Tatman, FRANKSTON Leader page 30 1 July 2019

Frankston’s economic engine room — the Carrum Downs industrial estate — is bursting at the seams, prompting calls for the urban growth boundary to be extended.
Real estate agent Michael Crowder of Nicols Crowder said the estate’s last parcel of 40 lots was about to hit the market, with 10 already sold via word of mouth.

Committee for Greater Frankston chief executive Ginevra Hosking said the estate had reached capacity in just over 30 years. Ms Hosking said the estate produced 30 per cent of Frankston’s entire gross domestic product, generating $3.65 billion a year.
She said the expansion of the estate was essential to allow businesses, which already employed 8600 people, to grow. Ms Hosking said the urban growth boundary should be expanded north to include land used as paddocks.

Committee president Fred Harrison said not all industrial precincts were created equal. “Carrum Downs has become an irreplaceable enclave of innovative, job dense hi-tech manufacturing,” he said.

Frankston mayor Michael O’Reilly said the council was working on a strategy to assess industrial land use capacity. “The strategy will focus on the potential revitalisation and redevelopment of aged industrial stock and options for best use,” he said. Cr O’Reilly said the council’s draft green wedge management plan included a strategy to investigate the potential for land in the zone bounded by Thompsons Rd, Dandenong Valley Highway, Boundary Rd and East Link to be rezoned for employment use. This could lead to the expansion of the Carrum Downs industrial precinct, he said.

Carrum state Labor MP Sonya Kilkenny did not respond before deadline. Mr Crowder said the estate’s proximity to both East Link and Peninsula Link made it attractive to businesses.